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Welcome ToMunchkins Childcare

Welcome To Moorgate Nursery School and Munchkins Childcare

Let's Learn From Home


We have pulled together some information and links that you may find useful when spending time with your child at home:


Hungry Little Minds is a Department for Education initiative providing some simple, fun ideas and activities from birth to 5 years old, supporting learning from home during coronavirus.  There are links within this site that allow you to download apps to various platforms that can be used alongside the activities: Hungry Little Minds


Early Years Family Resources has been set up to help support 2-4 year olds communication skills.  You may find this useful if you are thinking about using play to develop your child's language, understanding and listening and attention: Early Years Family Resources


You will also find some really lovely resources for home learning on our Instagram page: Munchkins Instagram Page


If you find that you are home learning, following some of what we do at Munchkins during the day may help you:

Circle Time:  During circle time we all sit down together and sing songs including action and number songs for example, 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer, 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day. 

You will be able to find songs like this on YouTube if you need some ideas.  Please also see below a link to help with counting and mathematics:

CBeebies Numberblocks


Story Time:  Every day we all settle down for a story. 

Try sitting in a quiet and comfortable space at home and read a story together, talking about what is happening in the pictures, following the text with your finger and allowing your child to turn the pages.  Afterwards you could ask your child to tell the story back to you at an appropriate level of understanding. 

You can arrange to access books from Munchkins and we will assist in making sure that this meets COVID regulations or alternatively please find below a link for reading resources:

Oxford Owl eBooks allows you to set up an account to access free reading books and literacy support.



We have also found the following websites very useful when thinking about learning at home and when you're out and about:


National Trust - 50 Things to do Before you are 11


If you need any further information or support please do not hesitate to contact your child's key worker directly or our Manager, Gemma: