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E-Safety Information for Parents and Carers

Within our ever-changing world, it is important that we teach young children how to be safe online and support them in keeping safe. At Moorgate, we have our Online Safety and Safeguarding Policies and promote online safety at all times, especially if using an iPad or Interactive Smartboard with the children as tools for learning. BT Lancashire ensure a thorough filter is applied to all of our devices/systems to block any potentially harmful material.   


 There are lots of things you can do at home to keep your child safe: 

 - Minimise screen-time. Only allow set times, and for short periods, when you are able to monitor what your child is watching. Young children should not be left alone with a device.

 - Consider whether your child is exposed to material that may only be suitable for older children e.g. YouTube videos or video games. If so, talk to older siblings about keeping this out of view of your younger child. 

 - Ensure your filters/restrictions are all working on any devices that your child accesses (see website links or your Internet provider for more details).

 - Replace YouTube for YouTube Kids. This is a much safer option and only contains appropriate material for children. Please see the Google Support page to ensure this is set up correctly for your child/children's age group 


Internet Links:

Have a look at the following links to help keep your child safe online. The Internet Matters website includes a checklist to keep children under 5 safe from harm online. It's definitely worth reading the advice on the Child Net and NSPCC websites for lots of useful ideas!

Keeping children safe online | NSPCC

Internet-Matters-Set-Up-Safe-Checklist-Mar-2023.pdf (

If you are suspicious about the behaviour of others online, reports can be made to CEOP

Inappropriate media content, online and offline can be reported via parentport.

Criminal content online can also be reported to the IWF