Moorgate Nursery School and Munchkins Childcare

Welcome ToMoorgate Nursery School

Welcome ToMunchkins Childcare

Welcome To Moorgate Nursery School and Munchkins Childcare

Nursery Day

Nursery is organised so children have time to be involved in adult directed activities and in their own initiated activities. We involve the children in their learning and let them know why they are doing something. Children are encouraged to make decisions and solve problems, to initiate, plan, carry out and review their activities. The children become more independent, acquire a desire to explore and learn, and develop skills, which will enable them to become successful students as they grow older.

Morning Nursery session are from 9.00am to 12.00pm and afternoon sessions are 1.00pm to 4.00pm.


There are several elements within the daily routine:-

Circle Time
Children and staff come together in either the Sun Room, Rainbow Room or the Star Room for Circle Time.  We will discuss the events in the children’s lives and nursery life and a short learning session will take place. On a Wednesday, children take part in discrete Phonics activities to increase their listening and attention and to develop skills within Early Reading. Children normally attend Circle Time in their Key Group.

Focus Activities 

Staff plan each week for an exciting indoor and outdoor focus activity. The activities are linked to children's learning needs and reflect their current interests. Staff are skillful at recording children's interests and these reflections are used to inform the focus activities. A previous example... Children were enthused by the real vegetables provided in the Home Corner and by the carrots that we had harvested in the garden - this promoted lots of play and  talk focused on cooking. The indoor focus activity that week was making carrot and potato soup, where children developed their cutting skills and learned how to be safe! Children are encouraged to join in these focus activities. 

Child Initiated Activities

Staff engage in skillful interactions with the children whilst they play in continuous provision, outside and inside. Staff know their children’s targets and differentiate their questioning and input to the needs of each child. Children learn much more when they are playing. 

Our Nursery Environment

Each week, staff record their observations and interests of the children. This information is then used to enhance the environment so that learning is purposeful and exciting! For example, if children are enjoying pretending to bake cakes in the sand, staff would add cupcake cases, baking utensils etc and focus on a particular skill to develop.  Early phonics skills are embedded into our Nursery curriculum.

Story Time

Story sessions are planned for each week - books are chosen to focus on children's current interests and reflect Literacy objectives.  Children attend story time in their Key Groups. We read and discuss stories, poems and information books. The children are picked up by parents and carers at the end of the session from their story room.