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Safeguarding and early help


For further information on safeguarding at Moorgate Nursery School, please take a look at our policy page where you can see our full Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, E-Safety Policy and Prevent Risk Assessment  - Moorgate Policies Page.  

Please also see the Governments website and their Keeping Children Safe In Education document  KCSIE for further information.


What is Early Help?

Here at Moorgate Nursery School, we look to support our children and families on an individual basis.  Every family has it's ups and downs - being a parent is hard work and there are no instructions!  There may be times when you or your children need extra support.  Early Help recognises what's going well for you, where you may benefit from further support and identifies who is the best person to help you.

Gianna Walsh is the Lead Safeguarding Officer and Chelsea Clift is the Deputy Safeguarding Officer. The Safeguarding Officer's role is to provide support, advice and information to the families within the school community. Gianna and Hannah can help with a range of concerns and queries regarding your child's education, or they can simply offer a listening ear and advice if you need support yourself. They can meet with you at school, over the phone, online or in the comfort of your home and will always look to arrange a time that suits you. Advice and support will be confidential, although any concerns relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with Moorgate's Child Protection Policy. 

Support for families includes: 

  • Providing information and signposting to other services in your local area. 
  • Liaising with external services e.g. Housing and Children Social Care.
  • Attendance and support at school.
  • Joining or leading family support meetings e.g. TAFs
  • Advice and support to promote attendance.
  • Referrals to outside agencies 
  • Guidance with access to training and parent workshops in school
  • Emotional support for parents
  • Support for transitioning pupils.

It is best to speak with Gianna or Chelsea directly, however they understand that sometimes asking for advice/support may be a little nerve-wracking.if you would prefer to email or call, please use the following points of contact: 



Telephone: 01695 573470 

Gianna Walsh                  

Gianna Walsh                               Hannah Taylor


Toilet Training and Dummies

Take a look at our PowerPoint to find our more about toilet training and weaning your child off using their dummy.  You may also find the following website extremely useful for toilet training Potty Training I Eric.  Please ask if you would like a hard copy or translated version of any resource.