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Covid-19 Updates


11/11/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment

06/07/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment 

04/03/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment

09/02/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment

28/01/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment

10/01/2022 - Updated Risk Assessment

01/12/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

06/09/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

14/07/2021 - Risk assessment reviewed and stayed the same, next review August 2021.

01/07/2021 - As you are aware, Munchkins Childcare has unfortunately closed temporarily due to a positive case of Covid-19. Fortunately, Nursery School has been mostly unaffected, however as Munchkins Childcare normally provide our wraparound care, Nursery staff are now providing Lunch Club until the setting reopens on Monday 12th July. As a result, from Monday 5th July until Friday 9th July, we are only able to offer sessions that run as follows: Morning children: 9am - 12pm Afternoon children: 12pm - 3pm If your child stays all day (or if they normally attend an afternoon session from 1pm until 4pm), lunchtime provision will be free of charge at 12pm. Your child will still need to bring their drink and lunchbox as usual. We feel relieved that Nursery School can operate mostly as planned, but do apologise for any inconvenience the slightly shorter day may cause. Normal Nursery School sessions will resume on Monday 12th July. Thank you for your understanding.

14/06/2021 - Update to parents on Covid-19 in Lancashire schools and colleges please note that some of the points within this document are only relevant for secondary school/college students but all schools have been asked to send the letter out. 

26/05/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

30/04/2021Covid 19 Information for parents

28/04/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

10/03/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

05/02/2021 - Updated Risk Assessment

22/01/2021Updated Risk Assessment

09/12/2020Updated Risk Assessment

 16/11/2020Updated Risk Assessment

 12/10/2020 - Updated Risk Assessment

 04/10/2020 - Updated Risk Assessment

 17/09/2020 - Covid-19 Absence  a COVID-19 A Quick Reference for parents / carers

 01/09/2020 - Nursery Opening September Thursday 3rd September 2020

 Moorgate Nursery School Plan for September Opening

Moorgate Nursery School C-19 General Risk Assessment September 2020 31.08.20

 17/06/2020 - Risk Assessment and Powepoint Presentation regarding the planned phased opening of Moorgate Nursery School.  Please click on the links below to read the documents. 

Moorgate Nursery School Plan for a Phased Opening 

Moorgate Nursery School C-19 General Risk Assessment

 08.06.2020 - Letter from Head Teacher - Update 08.06.2020

 05.06.2020 - Letter from Head Teacher - Update 05.06.2020

 28.05.2020 - Letter from Head Teacher - Reopening of Moorgate Nursery School

 11.05.2020 - Letter from Head Teacher

 07.05.2020 - We hope this brings a smile to your face ... You'll Never Walk Alone .. #HereForYou #ProjectM 

  03.04.2020Letter from Head Teacher

 19.03.2020 - School Closure - Letter from Head Teacher

 17.03.2020 - Letter from the Head Teacher