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Good attendance is very important as it significantly enhances the learning and development opportunities of your child during their time in Nursery School.  When children are absent from Nursery School, they miss out on lots of leaning and can often feel unsettled when they return.


At Moorgate Nursery School, we closely monitor attendance - it is important that we share this information with you as a parent/carer.  The national expectation attendance rate for schools, as set out by the government, is 97%. 



97 - 100%


Thank you for your efforts in helping your child achieve this outstanding attendance record.



90 - 97%


This means that, whilst your child’s attendance is not yet ‘concerning’, your child has missed approximately 10%.  It may be due to illness or authorised leave, but we feel you should be aware that your child’s attendance is below the minimum level recommended and so does need to improve.



below 90%

This means that your child has missed significant periods of time. We would ask for your support in ensuring that, where possible, attendance improves over the coming weeks and would like to remind you that support is available through your child’s teacher and keyworker.  If this level of attendance continues without reason, discussions with parent/carers will be held and next steps taken.



We ask for the support of parents/carers to bring their child to Nursery School on time and improve attendance levels.

Your child is likely to go on to meet their full potential if they are brought regularly and on time.  If your child is going to be absent you must put a message on Parent App.


For further information please click here to read our Absence Policy.