Moorgate, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4RY
Nursery School 01695 573470 and Munchkins Childcare 01695 581714


Children are eligible to access the Free Entitlement to Nursery Education (30 or 15 hours) at the beginning of the term after their third birthday.  The 15 hour offer is universal, to be eligible for the 30 hour offer parents must:

  1. earn the equivalent of 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage or the the National Living Wage.
  2. earn less than £100,000 each.
  3. both be working, unless it is a single parent family.

For more information and to check if you are eligible please visit the Childcare Choices Website.

We will try to offer every child who has not attended Munchkins Childcare a home visit the first week of term, then a phased admissions programme begins to admit the children gradually increasing sessions over a period of up to four weeks.


How to apply for a place

Children can attend Moorgate Nursery School from the *term after their 3 birthday, when they get their Free Entitlement to Nursery Education (30 or 15 hours).

You can call in and collect an application form from the Nursery, where you can speak to staff and perhaps have a look around. Or you can download a form by clicking the link below.

Moorgate Nursery School Application Form

As Moorgate Nursery School is a Lancashire County Council maintained nursery school we follow their Nursery School Admissions policy when allocating places. For the full policy please click the link Nursery School Admissions Criteria. 

For children wishing to start nursery in September the deadline for applications is the is the 30th April.  For children starting in January the deadline for admissions is the 31st October and for the April intake it is the 30th January.  Applications received after these date will be considered late applications.


*For information: Terms start September, January and Easter each year.



All appeals regarding admissions must be made in writing to the Headteacher.  If the appeal cannot be resolved at this stage it will be considered by the governing body. For further information see our complaints procedure.