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Welcome ToMunchkins Childcare

Welcome To Moorgate Nursery School and Munchkins Childcare

Early Help


What is Early Help? 

Here at Moorgate Nursery School, we look to support our children and families on an individual basis. Every family has its ups and downs - being a parent is hard work and there are no instructions! There may be times when you or your children need extra support. Early Help recognises what's going well for you, where you may benefit from further support and identifies who is the best person to help you.  


Please speak to Gianna Walsh (Designated Safeguarding Officer) or Hannah Taylor (Supporting Safeguarding Officer) should you require further support, or have a chat with your child's Key Worker. 


Information about Early Help and the Lancashire Children and Family Wellbeing Service below: 


children-and-family-wellbeing-service-offer-february-2022.pdf (


children-and-family-wellbeing-service-strategy.pdf (


Helpline for ALL


 LCC funded Domestic Abuse Services